Na afloop van weer een week Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden brengen we voor jullie de kijkcijfers in beeld. Hoeveel kijkers hielt GTST deze week weer aan de buis gekluisterd en welk marktaandeel hoort hierbij? Lees snel verder….

Maandag 23 mei: 1.392.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 23,6%)
Dinsdag 24 mei: 1.336.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 23,1%)
Woensdag 25 mei: 1.201.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 22,8%)
Donderdag 26 mei: 1.256.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 21,6%)
Vrijdag 27 mei: 1.309.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 23,5%)

7 comments on “Kijkcijfers | week 21

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  2. @John Mc: One cannot speak of limits to an acceptable performance as if they were laws of physics, or even as if there were agreement about those limits. My limits are different from yours, and youre not going to get away with telling me Im wrong. We just disagree.

  3. I wonder how Harvey was presented by the Broadway Critics. Any mention of a six-foot-tall rabbit shaped Pooka? By the way, that play did not take off until they pulled the plug on the actor in a rabbit suit and went with the imaginary.

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