Na afloop van weer een week Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden brengen we voor jullie de kijkcijfers in beeld. Hoeveel kijkers hielt GTST deze week weer aan de buis gekluisterd en welk marktaandeel hoort hierbij? Lees snel verder….

Maandag 16 mei: 1.363.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 21,0%)
Dinsdag 17 mei: 1.228.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 21,4%)
Woensdag 18 mei: 1.287.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 21,7%)
Donderdag 19 mei: 1.252.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 23,5%)
Vrijdag 20 mei: 1.269.000 kijkers (marktaandeel 24,2%)

6 comments on “Kijkcijfers | Week 20

  1. ooo, a keeper pool would be fun, I think they even have quite realistic ones too, where salary caps need to be adhered to etc.

  2. Nice list JL! It would definitely be hard to leave Raiders of the Lost Ark off a list like that. Also glad to see the love for Inglourious Basterds, its my favorite Tarentino movie.

  3. A: Theres no such thing as a given in morality! Theres no beginning point that we take on faith; our values are objective!Q: Prove it.A: They just are, thats a given!

  4. Hello DL > We have a very good cooperation with the Biathlon waxers during the whole winter and especially during the Olympics, we will live with them in the Olympic village. /Anders Niemi

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